Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was just thinking today.. and sometimes I wonder what people think about me. Or more like, how they think of me. I hope that I'm not that poor girl who's husband is at war. I hope that I'm not an example to people of why they don't want to be with a soldier. Sometime I hear moms telling their daughters, or friends telling each other that they wont marry someone in the military because then they might have the difficulty of going through a deployment.

How selfish is that? To not give a guy a chance because he's signed up to protect your freedom. Thank you to those of you who aren't like that. I just want everyone to know that I do not regret my decision to marry my husband in the least bit. In fact, watching him do this and going through this together has made me fall even deeper in love with him and brought us close in a way that nothing else in this world could. This is not a self reassurance post, I've always known this. I just want everyone to know where I stand in this situation. You might think, as people have told me, that it takes a special person to do what I'm doing... well I didn't exactly sign up for it. You just take what comes. I promise I don't have any super powers that are allowing me to be just fine during this. You would do it too if you had to. Deployment isn't the worst thing that can happen in a marriage.

I appreciate all of you. Thank you for your support. Please know that I am happy. Life is good right now :)

I don't know why I posted this... just thinking out loud I guess.

Thanksgiving post to come soon. Hopefully.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick Update

Alright, this will be a short one. The reason? Other than the fact that my life isn't all that exciting right now, I got acrylic nails and can't type to save my life.. ha ha. I finished all of my nursing school clinicals so I am finally allowed to have them for the first time in two years!

I never know what to post about Rich because he's not really allowed to even tell me what he's doing, but just know that he is still safe and just bored to death. Here's what he gets to look at for the next year:

Lets be serious, who wouldn't get depressed having to leave your family and go there for a year. I'm so grateful for people like him who are willing to do what he does in order to protect our country as well as others. If you feel so inclined, please send him a letter or shoot him an email if you have his address. If you want it, send me a message! I know he would greatly appreciate it. He misses his friends and family.

Next: I had a quarter-deployment crisis (not really, just an excuse for change), and colored my hair back to brown! I had never colored my hair (including highlights) till a couple of years ago so I haven't played around too much with colors... I guess now is a good time to try things out ;) Anyway, I've only had short brown hair and really wanted long brown hair, so here it is! ha ha..

Halloween I spent at my parent's with my sisters and their kids. They were all different bugs.

From the left: Butterfly, Ant, Bee, Spider and Lady Bug. The lady bug costume got left at home all except the tutu, but she only made it to one house anyway so it wasn't a big deal, ha ha.

I'm sure I'll post pictures later, but today was Adylee's baby blessing. They were able to do it at my parent's house because their sacrament schedule is all messed up for the next couple of weeks. Because of that and the time that they decided to do it, Rich was able to be on Skype and at least sort of be part of it :) That was fun. Adylee looked so pretty in the little dress that Heidi made and red shoes Heather made. My sisters are so talented... I think they took all of the creativity genes before I came along, ha ha. Oh well!

I guess that's all for now. And it's taken me forever to type up this much, so I'm quitting, ha ha. Later.