Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Casa

We got a house! And I finally got around to taking a few pictures today :) I'll give you a little tour of the place...

Here is the outside. A little old school, but all brick!

The garden is on the side of the house. We have lots of tomatoes and peppers still if anyone wants some! Next year I'll be able to plant things I will actually use, ha ha.
Our little back yard. There are two peach trees with TONS of peaches. PLEASE COME GET SOME!
The front room in the house. Cute little fire place that I'm so excited to hang stockings on at Christmas time :)
This room is the far right of the living area/dining room/kitchen. Not really a full living room, but a couch to hang out on and chat while someone is eating or in the kitchen.
Dining area and kitchen. We have plans to update then kitchen when we aren't broke anymore ;) We just have a little tiny 4 person table but it's plenty for the two of us right now

The master bedroom. It's got lots of space which I LOVE! Two decent sized closets and a master bath with a jetted tub, his and her sinks, and a little vanity area. There are also two more bedrooms upstairs but they are currently filled with boxes we still need to sort through

Most of the basement is a two bedroom apartment we have rented out, but there is also another bedroom (where a friend of ours is temporarily living) a small food storage room, and the MAN CAVE! It's not set up completely, but Rich finally got "his TV" that he's wanted since before we got married and a place to display all of his man stuff. Really I just didn't want to hang up his guns, swords or shield anywhere else in the house ;)

See how much he loves it? :)

So there you have it. We are home owners! Tied down for the next 30 years ;)

This weekend was Rich's drill- MI ball/Governor's day. Our first date was three years ago at the MI ball. Rich asked me the day of, and I had to find a dress and get all dressed up and ready in like an hour. We didn't take a picture (It was a first date. I didn't want him to think I was crazy! I regret it now) but this was our first time back since then. There were two more that went by, but Rich was in Spain for the first one and Iraq on the second... He wasn't required by the military to go to this one, but he was required by his wife ;) We didn't take a lot of pictures, but here's one. His uniform isn't completely up to date.. he's missing a few awards and junk, but I think he looks good. Bow tie and all :)

I had never been to governor's day before, but it was pretty cool. SO MANY people in uniform! It was really neat. It rained the night before so the sky was really clear and just a little breeze blowing the flag. After the formal stuff, there were fun booths set up and lots for kids to do. We got some delicious breakfast food, AWESOME ice cream, stocked up on groceries at the commissary then headed out by the afternoon.

That's about it. I'll think of something else to blog about soon... maybe.