Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rich is Home!

I'm a little behind, but Rich came home! He got back a little over a month ago now and it's been great :) My whole family was able to come to the air base to welcome him back.

The day consisted of carpooling up to Salt Lake, waiting, waiting, and more waiting. During the waiting, there was a band playing, food galore, and a lot of anxious kids and spouses. When the plane landed, everyone was rushing up to the front of the hanger to see their soldier first. They rolled up the stairs, opened the door to the plane and soldiers started filing out. I was standing on my tippy-toes and it's a good thing I have crazy good eyes cause I saw Rich from the second he stepped out of the plane. Believe it or not, I didn't cry! (I thought Kylie, a fellow military wife, would make fun of me... ha ha) As he was walking down the stairs and shaking hands, I weaved my way between banners and kids on shoulders out to the open where Rich was just shaking the last hand and heading right to me. Nope, still didn't cry... I was way too excited I guess. Nate, my brother, was my personal photographer for the day so we got some really neat pictures that will help us remember how happy of a day it was for us. I didn't think I would make it, but I did. So if you think, "I could never do that..." You could. I don't have super human powers that allowed me to do it, but if you love your husband and have any pride in your country, you could to it. It's just one of those things that people don't usually go looking for, but they just rise to the occasion when it comes. It for sure has made me appreciate the country that we live in and treasure the freedoms that we all just expect a whole lot more.

ANYWAY, since Rich has been home we've been up to a lot. We didn't go on any huge trip or anything, but we have been camping, out to Wendover, stopped at the salt flats, celebrated our anniversary by renting a wave runner out at the lake, went to my cousin's wedding, drove up to Logan for Rich's mom's family's reunion where I met a lot of his relatives I had never met before, um.... I can't remember what else. Oh yeah, we're in the middle of buying a house too :) We're kind of excited about that part. It won't be all finished until September 1st though cause the owners are moving to St. George and don't want to move there in the middle of the summer heat. That's ok though. We're not in a huge hurry. I'll post more pictures later if I remember to.

Hope everyone is having a great July! I wish there was a better way to keep in contact with friends and family, but it never seems to happen... life has been busy but we still want to make the rounds and visit :) Miss you all!