Friday, February 11, 2011

Theme song for the last week :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Posting once every two months isn't too bad, right? Ha ha... shoot. I'll {keep} work{ing} on it.

Here are a few pictures of things that have been going on in life for Rich and I. They are in no particular order, but here they are anyway- Starting with Rich

Christmas time spent out in Iraq. I guess they decorate for the holidays out there cause they had something similar for Thanksgiving. Kinda cool :)

Rich's brother Joe had his birthday in December. Someone found out that it was that day and took the two of them on a helicopter ride. Only a 30 year old could grow a mustache like that... ;)
Rich got to spend some time off his usual base. This is in Baghdad. He said that it was almost a culture shock to see things growing. Where he is there is just sand. Kind of fun to be in a new area.
Rich's birthday was on January 26th. He also got to go on a helicopter ride, but not because someone found out it was his birthday, it was because he was traveling all day trying to get back to his base. Unfortunately he didn't get back for almost a week, so he didn't get to open his packages till later.

Some things that I have done.. graduated college! We had our pinning ceremony and got Pres. Benson to speak at it. My parents came down along with Rich's dad. My sister in law had her baby at the same time so Rich's mom stayed up with them. I don't have a picture, but Rich and I got a new nephew Jaxon Jacob Brandt!
Nate and Kacee came from Atlanta for Christmas. Some of their friends from GA came with them to go snowboarding over the break. I wasn't planning on going, but ended up finding a cheap day pass so I couldn't resist ;) When Rich comes on leave we're going to the Canyons. I got two free day passes at a military appreciation thing I went to a while back and have just been waiting around to use them!
My whole family got together for Christmas again. My mom usually volunteers to work a 1/2 day on Christmas so that those with little kids can be home. Because of this, we've been celebrating on Christmas Eve. It's nice because we're all married now and for those of us kids who have in-laws close by don't have to decide who they're going to spend the holiday with. ANYWAY, my dad had been working on a surprise present for my mom for months, and the plan was to take her out of the house while it was delivered Christmas Eve. We used it as an excuse to have all of the girls go get breakfast that morning. When we returned, my mom had this baby grand piano set up next to the tree!

The only other things that I did worth mentioning is- moved in with Heidi and Parker to their new house, ha ha, took the NCLEX and PASSED, and got my first job as an RN! I work for Harmony Home Health and Hospice doing pediatrics. It's not the kind of home health that you probably think of. What I do is stay at one home all night while the parents of the patient sleep, and monitor the child. For example, my patient I've been with has a trach and is on a vent. I stay by his crib and make sure he can still breath and is getting enough oxygen etc. Basically I get anxiety attacks all night long then try to sleep during the day... ha ha, fun huh?

Upcoming events: Rich is coming home for his R&R SOON! I'm not supposed to say exact dates for safety reasons, and I'm really terrible at keeping things like that to myself.. so please don't ask me, ha ha. Just know that it is soon and we will be spending Valentine's together unless something crazy happens! *knock on wood* We have a cruise booked so pray for good weather and that my passport comes in time (did you know when you change your name, there is no simple name change option for passports? You have to reapply and re pay the full price!)

Hopefully between things actually starting to happen in life besides school, and having a job where not a lot is going on most of the night.. I'll be able to keep up on this whole blogging thing a lot better! Keep an eye out-it might within a month that I update again! ;)