Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Six Months!

I can't believe Mason has already been in our family for half of a year... It seems like I just had him, but at the same time it kinda feels like he's always been around.  Time goes much faster when they're on the outside than when they're still inside... I love him :)

Some of his favorites:

laying on his back holding his toes
crinkling paper
my cell phone
the blinds in our house (they hang vertical and are loud if you move them around)
his usborne (sp?) tractor stroller book
sleeping in mom and dad's bed with us
long warm baths

Things he does/doesn't do:

Rolls from back to front.  Hasn't figured out the other way yet.. (I've never seen him try)
He still has no teeth
Eats baby food (when he's not sick)
Smiles and talks a LOT
Will lay on the floor with a few toys and be happy for quite a while!
Doesn't crawl (I kinda like it that way!)
Sits up on his own - still tips over sometimes though


97.75% for height (28.5")
37.13% for weight (17.09lbs)
55.97% for head (17.2")

We have a tall, skinny boy on our hands :)

six months: