Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's been nice to have a break from school! It was much needed and like always, I don't feel like it was long enough. Back to school for me and Rich on Monday. Here are a few things we did over the break:

We started off visiting Rich's parents and going back to the Manti temple for the first time since our wedding six months ago! It was good to be back in Rich's home town for a few days and of course we visited the neighbors who let us borrow their horse when Rich proposed..

After a few days in Manti, we continued up to Lindon with my family. We spent a lot of time with the nieces and nephews :) Rich's idea of baby sitting: reading the DVD case. Looks like it was working though!

It's not food, it's marker. She bit off the whole tip of the marker! This girl will eat anything from crayons to flour without a second thought.. leave her alone for two minutes and this is what happens, good luck mom!

We had my whole family at my parent's house for Christmas. The little kids were the greatest to watch. Grandma and Grandpa really pushed their patience when they "made" us do a little Christmas program with singing and all before we started opening any presents. Kaleb and Bekah were DYING to start!

My favorite. Christmas pictures courtesy of Nate's facebook page, ha ha. Starting on the left, Race (Heidi's first), Kaleb, Bekah and Eliza (Heather's three).

And the best part of the whole break, my brother got engaged! Unfortunately, she runs for the U and Nate runs for SUU, so they aren't going to see each other much till the summer... what an engagement.

For New Years, we went with some of our friends to Parawan and all hung out as couples. It was really fun playing games, eating food all night and of course, getting a New Years kiss at midnight for the first time! No pictures though, we were having too much fun to take time to get out the camera ;)