Friday, March 2, 2012


Well, what's new? Baby. That's all that's really exciting in our life right now. We're having a little boy :) We got a cute little DVD with the ultrasound and some pictures of the little guy. I have a feeling I'm going to be one of those annoying new moms who gets excited for their kid to do what EVERY kid does, but it's HIS first time doing it so I have to tell EVERYONE!!! So sorry in advance ;) I'll try to keep myself in check. They changed our due date to July 8th now since he measured a little big at the very first appointment and the 20 week one. I'm excited about that!

We've both been able to feel the little guy moving around ever since about 17 weeks. I love it. I feel like I already know him and can't wait to just see what he looks like finally! We already know his name (Don't ask, I won't tell. There are name stealers out there!), just need to see his face now (in color and 3D)! Rich was so relieved that we're having a boy. You see, he has no sisters and it was a shock enough for him when we got married and he had to live with a GIRL! ;) We both wanted to have a boy first, but now I NEED to have my little girl eventually cause Rich already told me I can't paint the boy's toenails (we'll see about that).

Nothing else has really been going on. I've been super bored and ready for life to get moving lately (I'm not a very patient person). Rich told me to go do something for me... so I colored my hair dark again. I told the lady that I wanted it dark brown with a tiny bit of red, but NOT black. Well, I guess she got confused because it's pretty darn black. Looks like I get to be Snow White for a while!