Monday, August 27, 2012

Mason - 2 months old

Today is Mason's two month birthday :)  A little update on him: he is getting really good control of his head.  We can hold him under his arms and he doesn't flop TOO much anymore, ha ha. He's starting to make eye contact and really talk to us.  He loves when we just sit and chat :) He smiles on occasion, but he's usually pretty serious.  He only wakes up one or two times in the night now... still looking forward to when I can get a full night's rest!  But honestly it hasn't been too bad.  He's been growing like a weed.  I don't know if I'm crazy, but I swear he got so tall so fast... Tomorrow we go in for his two month check so I guess I'll find out for sure!  He's finally getting a little bit of chunk on his body.  He had twig arms and legs for so long, and now all of that eating is starting to finally show.  He takes a glorious 2-3 hr nap in his swing every morning so I am finally getting my house back together, horray! (I said getting.  It's far from done).  Mason loves bath time.  At first he screamed and cried, but then I realized I was being way too careful and he was probably just cold... He likes really warm baths :)

We have loved having him here with us!  The first few weeks were crazy and I'm sorry to all of you who wanted to come over but I never really got back with you.  It took some work getting used to his schedule (which is really hardly a schedule at all... that's the hard part), but now things are better and it's a lot easier to get out!  Thanks for everyone's help and support as well... we have some really good friends and family :)  Here are some pictures for ya!

Blessing day

Two weeks old

One month old

5 generations

Posing at Seven Peaks

Scera Shell


  1. I can't believe he is already (3) months!! Time is flying! I still need to meet the little guy. You are so stinky skinny and gorgeous by the way. I miss you!

  2. Hey Ash! there is a thing called the liebster award going around and I nominated you...go to my blog to check it out! (I promise this is not a hack even though it seems like it :) )