Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm pretty sure most people know by now (thanks to facebook), but I'm pregnant! I'm 14.5 weeks along and super excited! We went to the doctor at ten weeks and got our first look at the little guy (or girl) and I loved it. Baby was just moving all over the place! I think they knew we were looking and wanted to say hi ;) Here's the picture they sent us home with. Looks like we're due July 12th. Yay for a summer baby!

Some other things that have happened lately, I quit my job at the hospital and now work at a doctor's office (no weekends, nights, on call, holidays.. wohoo!). I think it'll be much better that way when baby comes. For now I'm planning on working just one day a week or two half days after baby is born just to keep up my license. Didn't go to college for four years just to let it go a year and a half later ;)

Rich got surgery on his nose/septum/sinuses. It was more brutal than we expected and he was out for a good week without even turning on the TV. All he wanted to do was sleep. I felt so bad for him... then his first time out trying to do anything, he basically fractured his ankle and had to use crutches for a while! Worst part was I was already pregnant and in my first trimester so I was a little nauseous and a lot grumpy so by the time he was better from his surgery, but still healing from his ankle I wasn't super excited to wait on him. Hormones.

We had a good Thanksgiving with the Brandt family in Manti (minus Rich hurting his ankle the day before). Most of the family was able to get together for the holiday and that rarely happens for some reason. I enjoyed it :)

Christmas was spent with my family this year. We went snowshoeing/snowmobiling up to a yurt in the Uintas for two nights. It was an adventure actually finding the dang thing, but once we all got up there it was really fun! It was nice being up by snow around Christmas since there hasn't been any around Orem. It made it feel more Christmasy.

I'll post some pictures of these events when I find my camera and upload the pictures to my computer. I figured it would be better to just finally update this thing than to have it perfect.

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  1. I am so excited for you!! You are going to be an amazing mommy!! Looks like your "business" took off! ;) Haha I sure am happy for you and can't wait to see your little one!